Sunny Diamonds:

Founded in 2005, Sunny Diamonds is a retailer of diamond jewellery that has become synonymous with high quality diamonds. Aiming at extending the customer reach, the brand began its marketing journey as an offline advertiser by investing heavily in print and magazine advertising in addition to OOH media. We at 7Com began our association with Sunny Diamonds from the inception, when the jeweller had just one store.
Solution: Today with a team of online & offline strategists, creators, designers and consultants, we deliver 360o service to Sunny Diamonds that include the usage of digital medium to build awareness, the instore and online promotions to generate leads and sales and integrated creative solutions that ensure the holistic growth of the brand.
Result: a) 3 exclusive stores strategically located across Kerala in a span of few years b) Online presence that rivals even the nation’s top ecommerce jewellery brands c) The largest customer base in Kerala for a diamond jewellery retailer.

Francis Alukkas:

Francis Alukkas is today one of the most talked-about brands in gold jewellery. We began our association with the brand a few years back when the jeweller was thinking of scaling down its offline activities in favour of path-breaking digital promotions.
Solution: With our storytelling, product-focused approach and influencer marketing, we at 7Com adopted a singular social media-driven approach for leads and enquiries and tactical promotions.
Result: 3X increase in Insta Followers from 1900 to 6000+, 3X increase in store footfalls, 3X increase in customer delight that succeeded in transforming a hibernating brand to the talk of the town in 2020.


When we began our partnership with Enphase, we knew we had our work cut out for us. We racked our brains on how to promote such a purely technological brand and communicate its advantages to consumers who have no scientific understanding whatsoever of its operations and yet make them interesting.
Solution: In the end, we initiated a two-pronged strategy where we developed a) series/episodic videos that focused on building an ongoing relationship with existing customers b) series/episodic how-to & tutorial videos that explained the working of each product in simplistic terms in addition to answering questions and queries related to them. Next, we conceived a release strategy that saw each of these videos being uploaded throughout the year in regular intervals.
Result: a) Enhanced customer engagement with both existing and prospective customers b) Increased sales

Club Minor:

An apparel brand aimed at children in the age group of 3-16, Club Minor is the only brand that began its advertising journey with us.
Solution: We developed a creative strategy that consisted of branding, website design and direct marketing to help the brand sell through a well-connected distribution channel.
Result: 4000+ shirts bought by various retailers across Kerala in a short span of just 2 months!